Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pretty Pastels

      On one ugly spring day, I was walking around the shopping center when suddenly a bright bright shop called me in. I walked slowly and tried to focus what I was seeing because all of these lights were killing my eyes. There was a white mannequin wearing this wonderful sky blue ( maybe even lighter ) dress with big polka-dots a bit darker than the whole dress. And I fell in love ( like for real ) with this dress... That pretty pastel blue made me wonder about summer, how I miss it, how I would love to lie on the beach with my friends... That's what inspired me to gather some pastel items and maybe even inspire you to get some new outfits for your summer wardrobe.
      I chose Ted Baker as my first brand. I totally love Ted Baker's clothes they're amazing. Of course it costs more than in regular shops but some of the items are quite affordable. I looked through their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and picked a few favourites:
       As a little person I would choose that cute short decorated pale pink dress and for taller persons both of the dresses would look perfect.
       Also I made a list of my favourite pastels from everywhere:
       For sure I will be looking for those fabulous Cotton Candy high heel loafers.. <3 As I mentioned before pastel dresses are a must have for spring/summer 2013.
       Brighten up your day with pretty pastels :))

       With Love, Miss Coco. :*


  1. Very artistic and beautiful! Keep up your good work. My blog is

  2. ...that first dress! I'm in love!
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